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Sennen Cove Cottage


Grasscroft and Grassmead are beautiful Sennen Cove cottages offering self-catering Cornwall accommodation on the stunning Cornish countryside. There are two cottages on offer, both of which provide highly appealing accommodation close to stunning local sights.

Grassmead is an ideal self catering cottage to use as a holiday retreat throughout the year for the all the family as it benefits from a garden to the side of the house with those fabulous Sennen Cove views and a small conservatory which doubles as a “boys rumpus room” complete with table soccer, CD player and sofa – perfect for that rainy day! Grassmead sleeps 6 and has a conservatory with table football and CD player so is a great retreat even on days when surfing is not an option.

Grasscroft, Sennen Cove cottage, sleeps 3 people, is pet friendly, and is situated right next to a number of coastal footpaths. Pets Welcome.


With a population of around 200 people, Sennen Cove is a peaceful resort, although its beach and surrounding water makes it one of the most popular English holiday locations with surfers. The small village is typical of Cornish villages and, as well as being a very short distance from Lands End, is also home to the Round House Gallery, The Beach Restaurant, and some excellent examples of local wildlife.

A number of art galleries have emerged around Sennen Cove, typically showcasing local and Cornish work. The Round House is situated right by the beach and the Grade II listed building dates back to 1876 as a means of housing the capstan wheel. Today, the building is used to display a range of artwork and craft from local artists and artisans.

The laid back attitude has helped make Sennen Cove one of the most popular Cornwall Accommodation spots. To experience this friendly nature first hand, visitors can head for The Beach, a cafe and restaurant that not only serves locally caught fish but even has its own fishing boat to ensure that they have the best local catch of any eatery.

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